Actors Preparing For The Production

Actors To Properly Prepare For The Production
Please Read This Page Thoroughly

We will be shooting film and still photography.
Show up prepared it’s crucial to the success of the shoot
What This Means:
  1. Map the location out the night before so you know how long it will take to get there.
  2. Parking may or may not be available close by and you may need a credit card or quarters to pay for parking.
  3. Arrive 15-30 minutes early, so those last minute things do not become emergencies.
  4. Arrive dressed and ready to shoot.
  5. Arrive with your hair and makeup done.
  6. Bring everything “you” need to the location.
  7. Bring anything you agreed to provide to the production.

Planning And Preparation

We will work with you in advance to plan and coordinate the best time,
location, clothing, props, and accessories for the production.

A Few Things We Consider During
The Planning Phase

What crew is needed?
  1. Do we need a separate photographer in addition to a cinematographer?
  2. Do we need a sound engineer?
  3. Do we need boom operators or just in camera sound?
  4. Do we need multiple lavs or microphones?

What equipment is needed?

  1. What type of camera(s) are necessary to capture the directors vision?
  2. Do we need lighting?
  3. Do we need tripods or gimbals?

Choosing The Right Location Is Critical

  1. How accessible is it?
  2. Where is the sun compared to our actor(s)
  3. What noises are present?
  4. How busy is this location with people and cars?
  5. Are we allowed to shoot in this location?

Call Time

Choosing the right time to film is critical to our production.
Please be 15-30 minutes early to ensure you can find the location, find parking and have time to do any last minute things like hair or makeup.
Showing up late causes undo stress and improper preparation.

Outdoor Filming

This type of filming is usually without support.
Bring anything you require, such as Coffee, food, jacket,
sun glasses, sun screen, water

Your Responsibilities

  1. The wardrobe discussed in the planning phase
  2. Hats, gloves, jewelry, purses, scarfs, sun glasses, watches
  3. Hair & Makeup
  4. All supplies needed to be prepared
  5. Props you deem necessary

Things To Consider

Accessorizing yourself to bring your style and creativity
into the story with things you enjoy.
Just a few ideas…

  1. Active wear
  2. Bikinis
  3. Beach Chair(s), Towel(s), Umbrella
  4. Hats that show style
  5. Interesting or popular books, magazines, or papers
  6. Loose blowing clothes
  7. Loose skirts, Tight Shirts
  8. Sunglasses
  9. Towel(s)
  10. Vintage cameras
  11. Vintage clothing
  12. Water or sports bottles

Bring Clothing That Fits Your Style And The Production

The clothes you wear should be appropriate for the
type of shooting we are doing.
Let your style of clothing tell a beautiful story

  1. 50’s style
  2. 70’s style
  3. Artsy styles
  4. Bohemian styles
  5. Bright styles
  6. Business styles
  7. Casual styles
  8. Cowgirl, cowboy styles
  9. Dark styles
  10. Fun styles
  11. Girly styles
  12. Girl next door styles
  13. Elegant styles
  14. Exotic styles
  15. Gothic styles
  16. Hats that show style
  17. Light styles
  18. Lingerie
  19. Loose blowing styles
  20. Loose jeans
  21. Loose stylish shirts
  22. Loose stylish skirts
  23. Pajamas
  24. Preppy styles
  25. Punk styles
  26. Rocker styles
  27. Sexy styles
  28. Shorts
  29. Sporty styles
  30. Stylish sunglasses
  31. Tight jeans
  32. Tight stylish shirts
  33. Tight stylish skirts
  34. Tomboy style
  35. Trendy styles
  36. Vibrant styles
  37. Yoga styles

Let Your Shoes Tell The Story

The shoes you wear will compliment your style and add to the story
Boots that tell a story
  1. Ankle boot
  2. Army boots
  3. Cowboy boots
  4. Fashionable boots
  5. Hiking boots
  6. Jackboots
    7 Jump boots
  7. Long Sexy boots
  8. Rain boots
  9. Riding boots
  10. Ski boots
  11. Steel toe boots
  12. Work boots
Shoes that tell a story
  1. Athletic shoes
  2. Ballet shoes
  3. Beach shoes
  4. Boat shoes
  5. Bowling shoes
  6. Brogues
  7. Cleats
  8. Climbing shoes
  9. Clogs
  10. Court shoes
  11. Cycling shoes
  12. Deck shoes
  13. Dress shoes
  14. Elevator shoes
  15. Espadrilles
  16. Flip flops
  17. Golf shoes
  18. Gumboots
  19. Heels
  20. High heels
  21. High top sneakers
  22. Kamiks
  23. Loafers
  24. Mary Janes
  25. Moccasins
  26. Mukluks
  27. Mules
  28. Open toe shoes
  29. Oxfords
  30. Penny loafers
  31. Platform shoes
  32. Pointe shoes
  33. Pumps
  34. Saddle shoes
  35. Sandals
  36. Skate shoes
  37. Slides
  38. Sling backs
  39. Slippers
  40. Sneakers
  41. Stiletto heels
  42. Tap shoes
  43. Tennis shoes
  44. Toe shoes
  45. Track shoes
  46. Waders
  47. Wedge shoes
  48. Wingtip shoes

Your Face Is The Face Of The Story

Take care of your face and be prepared on the day of filming
  1. Exfoliate
  2. Wax your brows
  3. Whiten your teeth

Make Sure Your Hair Shows Your Style
And Helps Tell A Beautiful Story

  1. Have your hair cut and styled
  2. Have your roots touched up

Make Sure Your Skin Helps Tell A Beautiful Story

  1. Go to a tanning salon
  2. Wax or shave as necessary

People Will Be Looking At Everything
While Watching Your Feature

Don’t FORGET!!!
  1. A manicure
  2. A pedicure